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Judy Kits

Emergency kits designed by experts to support your family for up to 72-hours. All kits have safety, warmth, tools, food and water supplies.

The Safe

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The Mover Max

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The Starter

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The Safety

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Safety products laid out in a grid


Warmth products laid out in a grid

First Aid

First aid products laid out in a grid


Tools products laid out in a grid


Water products laid out in a grid


Food products laid out in a grid

The right way to prepare

JUDY Kits are professionally built for any type of situation.

Designed by emergency preparedness experts

Warmth, safety, tools, food and water supplies

Designed by emergency preparedness experts


See why everyone prepares with JUDY.

The Mover Max

“I am in love! There is plenty of room for me to put our fireproof/waterproof documents folder and pet supplies in the bags as well!”

Beth M.

the safe

“It really is an amazing product! Even my husband who is in the military said everything was very good quality!”

Amy C.

the safe

“I’m very pleased with and impressed with my kit. Everything is so organized and thorough - I could never put all of this together on my own.”

Stacy M.


Illustration of hand with a thumb up

“JUDY will play a critical role in the emergency response field by creating more resilient communities.”

Kathryn Martorona

Emergency Management and Disaster Response Expert

“Planning ahead is one of the most important aspects of successfully navigating an emergency situation. Having the right supplies in place and being ready for potential issues is critical.”

Soraya Sutherlin

Certified Emergency Manager

JUDY 24/7

All kits come with JUDY’s emergency alerts for the whole family.




The first emergency kit that’s digitally-connected keeping you prepared for any scenario.

Receive ongoing updates and videos on how to prepare your family for any kind of emergency (pandemic, fires, floods, tonadoes, etc.)

Text JUDY with any questions you may have about how to prepare or what to do in an emergency.


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