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The Safe

World's Top-Rated Emergency Kit

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Equipped with over 61 life-saving survival essentials and stored in a water and puncture proof case, The Safe is designed to sustain a family of 4 for up to 72 hours.

Created by preparedness experts, The Safe is organized into 6 cartridges for easy access and includes everything you need from an emergency kit list and more: WATER, FOOD, SAFETY, WARMTH, TOOLS, FIRST AID.

BEST-IN-CLASS SUPPLIES: Hand Crank Radio, First Aid Kit (101 Piece), Multi-Tool, Water, KN95 Masks, Glow Sticks, Emergency Candles, Waterproof Matches, Meal Replacement Bars, Emergency Water Pouches, Ponchos, Hand Warmers, Triple Reinforced Emergency Gloves, Biohazard Bags, Wet Wipes, Pocket Tissues, and so much more.

Size: H 11.5 x W 15.5 x D 11 in
Weight: 18lbs


whats-inside whats-inside
First Aid
  • 1x 101 piece first aid kit
  • 1x quick dry towel
  • 1x biohazard bag
  • 1x wet wipes
  • 2x pocket tissues
  • 10x food bars
  • 1x hand crank radio / charger / flashlight
  • 1x duct tape mini roll
  • 1x multitool
  • 2x multipurpose bag
  • 2x emergency whistle
  • 4x glow sticks
  • 4x poncho
  • 1x gloves
  • 4x dust masks
  • 16x water pouches
  • 1x candle
  • 1x waterproof matches
  • 4x hand warmers
  • 4x rescue blanket



  • All survival tools and supplies come perfectly organized by category
  • The perfect prep solution for families or households up to 4 people who often have to take cover or shelter-in-place
  • Designed by emergency preparedness experts

The Ultimate Protection for every

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Judy Vs Others

Here's how JUDY compares to other kits.

JUDY Store-Bought
Emergency Kit
Homemade Kit
Up to 72 hours of
Hand-Picked by
Disaster Experts
Digitally-Connected & Emergency SMS Alerts
Disaster Guides & Planning Documents

What you get

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The Kit

Our kits are waterproof and 100% water resistant. They’re bright orange and labeled boldly to help locate easily.

The Tools

Each JUDY Kit has products that were hand-picked by emergency preparedness experts. Each kit has supplies for warmth, tools, safety, first aid, food and water.


JUDY offers 24/7 SMS text alerts and emergency preparedness tips. Download plans and guides for emergency situations and learn how to prepare with JUDY.

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Designed by Experts

We didn’t just guess what to put into each JUDY Kit- we went straight to the experts. We found the top Certified Emergency Managers and Emergency Management and Disaster Response Experts to design and build our kits. There are enough essential tools to support you and your family for up to 72-hours.

Each tool in the kit, from the KN95 Masks to the hand-crank radio, was picked carefully by experts. The supplies cover 6 categories: warmth, safety, tools, first-aid, food and water.

Handcrank product included in Judy kits

Judy Highlight: The hand-crank radio

The hand-crank radio picks up local news stations so you can stay updated in the case of an emergency. It also has a built-in flashlight, sounding alarm and USB port to charge your phone.

Designed by experts Designed by experts


We have prep guides to help you through any disaster or emergency.


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