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Save 15% on The Mover Max Arrow pointing upward Click Here

Emergencies can happen without warning, but JUDY can help people be more prepared than ever.

It’s not just about the kit, but
also the customized content and education they offer.

The must-have
emergency kit to keep you
safe during a disaster.

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The first emergency kit that’s digitally-connected keeping you prepared for any scenario.

Text us your preparedness questions
 and have it answered in real-time by our leading experts.




From flashlights to first aid supplies, JUDY has everything you need for just-in-case, all in one friendly place.

  • Expert-picked tools and supplies for any kind of emergency.

  • Medical supplies for any bumps, bruises, or burns.

  • Nutrient rich meal replacement bars and emergency water.

  • Worksheets that make it easy to create a personalized plan.

JUDY will play a critical role in the emergency and disaster response field by creating more resilient communities.

Emergency Management and
Disaster Response Expert

I’m excited to see JUDY empower families to be as ready as possible and to drive conversations about readiness.

Emergency Management and
Disaster Response Expert

Everyone keeps saying they will get “prepared” what does that even mean?!

It means... order a JUDY!

Okay thx! Now I can breathe.

Get #readyjudy

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