The Mover Max $195

Your go-to evacuation kit


The perfect backpack (or go-bag) for evacuations; supports up to 4 people.

The perfect backpack (or go-bag) for evacuations; supports up to 4 people.

Tools chosen by experts

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Multi tool (1x)
The multi-tool has the ability to become a handful of different tools ranging from pliers, to a screw driver, to a mini knife and saw.
Quick dry towel
Designed to absorb liquid and dry faster than an average towel.
Tissues (2x)
Made with 2-Layers to comfort skin and protect nose and hands.
Glow sticks (4x)
Crack the stick to activate light for up to 12 hours.
First Aid Kit (1x)
109-piece kit filled with all medical supplies to care for bumps, bruises, cuts and more.
Gloves (1x)
Protect your hands from dangerous objects and debris with these triple coated latex work gloves.
Whistles (2x)
Loud whistles to draw attention and call for help. Recommended to keep by your bed side table!
Wet Wipes (1x)
Perfect for those times when you don't have access to soap and water.
Hand crank radio
This radio has a built-in flashlight, alarm and a USB port to charge your phone, along with access to local radio stations.
Hand Warmers (4x)
Shake warmers to activate instant heat for up to 10 hours.
Water packets (14x)
Water bottles expire, ours last up to 5 years!
Hand sanitizer (2x)
Kills 99.99 percent of most common illness-causing germs
Duct Tape (1x)
For when you need a flexible but sturdy tape for repairs (like stopping leaks or sealing windows).
Emergency blankets (4x)
These blankets are impermeable metalized plastic sheets, which trap up to 90% of radiated body heat.
Biohazard bag
To help transport hazardous waste and keep items contained.
KN-95 Dust masks (4x)
The masks filtration efficiency of 5 layers will help block out air pollutants like allergens, virus, and bacteria in the air, at least up to 95 percent.
Ponchos (4x)
Waterproof rain ponchos to keep you dry and protected from stormy weather.
Mini meals (7x)
Our meal replacement bars not only taste great but keep you full for hours (shelf stable for 5 years) *contains wheat ingredients, soy ingredients and gluten ingredients*
All tools included in the Tools and First-Aid category
All tools included in the Safety and Warmth category
All tools included in the Food and Water category

What you get

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The Kit

Our kits are waterproof and 100% water resistant. They’re bright orange and labeled boldly to help locate easily.

The Tools

Each JUDY Kit has products that were hand-picked by emergency preparedness experts. Each kit has supplies for warmth, tools, safety, first aid, food and water.


JUDY offers 24/7 SMS text alerts and emergency preparedness tips. Download plans and guides for emergency situations and learn how to prepare with JUDY.

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Designed by Experts

We didn’t just guess what to put into each JUDY Kit- we went straight to the experts. We found the top Certified Emergency Managers and Emergency Management and Disaster Response Experts to design and build our kits. There are enough essential tools to support you and your family for up to 72-hours.

Each tool in the kit, from the KN95 Masks to the hand-crank radio, was picked carefully by experts. The supplies cover 6 categories: warmth, safety, tools, first-aid, food and water.

Handcrank product included in Judy kits

Judy Highlight: The hand-crank radio

The hand-crank radio picks up local news stations so you can stay updated in the case of an emergency. It also has a built-in flashlight, sounding alarm and USB port to charge your phone.

Up to 72 hours of support

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Our JUDY Kits prepare you for all of life’ s emergencies- big and small. The Starter and The Safety equip you for those on-the-go situations, recommended you keep it in your purse or car. Ideally for your first step in your preparedness journey.

The Mover and The Safe are designed for those bigger emergencies we all may face. These kits have enough supplies to support you and your family for up to 72 -hours in the case of an emergency.

These first three days are critical when responding to a natural disaster and/or emergency. Your electricity may go out and you may not have access to running water. JUDY is prepared for all of that, and more.

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What familes are saying

See why everyone prepares with JUDY

The Mover Max

“I am in love! There is plenty of room for me to put our fireproof/waterproof documents folder and pet supplies in the bags as well!”

Beth M.

the safe

“It really is an amazing product! Even my husband who is in the military said everything was very good quality!”

Amy C.

the safe

“I’m very pleased with and impressed with my kit. Everything is so organized and thorough - I could never put all of this together on my own.”

Stacy M.

Judy Vs Others

Here's how JUDY compares to other kits.

JUDY Store-Bought
Emergency Kit
Homemade Kit
Up to 72 hours of
Hand-Picked by
Disaster Experts
Digitally-Connected & Emergency SMS Alerts
Disaster Guides & Planning Documents

Download Plans

We have plans and guides to help you prepare for any type of emergency.

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Recommended by experts

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“JUDY will play a critical role in the emergency response field by creating more resilient communities.”

Kathryn Martorona

Emergency Management and Disaster Response Expert

“Planning ahead is one of the most important aspects of successfully navigating an emergency situation. Having the right supplies in place and being ready for potential issues is critical.”

Soraya Sutherlin

Certified Emergency Manager


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