JUDY x Guzzle H20: Why is water an emergency essential and what will I need it for?

JUDY x Guzzle H20: Why is water an emergency essential and what will I need it for?

When disaster strikes, water is a non-negotiable emergency essential. Your body needs enough hydration to stay healthy so that you can properly navigate a dangerous situation. When resources are short, and you are dealing with a crisis, it is easy to feel anxious and overwhelmed; but not if you’ve prepared ahead of time. 

When You Need Emergency Water

A reliable supply of emergency water is a crucial resource in any natural disaster. Such as: 

  • A tornado
  • An earthquake
  • A flood
  • A hurricane
  • A Wildfire
  • Or other

How You Lose Access to Clean Water

In many cases, a natural disaster can cut off your access to running water, as well as to the grocery store. This means that getting a quick glass of water from the tap or a case of plastic disposable water bottles from the store is often out of the question.

Why You Need Emergency Water

Whether you are in the midst of an emergency, water is one of the most precious resources you can keep on hand. You should ration enough water for: 

  • Drinking
  • First aid situations (like washing dirt out of a wound)
  • Hygiene 
  • Cooking

How Much Water Do I Need?

A good rule of thumb is to keep enough non-perishable water stocked to keep everyone in your household hydrated for at least 72 hours. There may come a time in an emergency when you’ve gone through your water reserves or you're in a situation where you have a water source but need to purify it in order for it to be safe to use. It’s situations like these where having an external purification device will make a huge difference, and could potentially save your life. 

Having access to clean water in a disaster is vital, which is why we’re partnering with our friends at Guzzle H2O to make sure you have even MORE ways to ensure access to clean water, anywhere. All of our kits at JUDY contain enough water to support you for up to 72 hours, but as any good prepper will tell you, disasters don’t have a time limit. That’s where Guzzle H2O’s water filter comes in. Learn more about it HERE

Have more questions about different types of clean water emergencies? Feel free to reach out to us directly. We’ve got you covered. 

Need more resources? See below: 

If you have additional questions, send them our way!

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