Let's Talk About Family

Keep your family safe plan!

Let's talk about family communication for a minute. Here are some tips that may sound simple, but can be extremely helpful at the time of need.

First Tip — Write out a list of important phone numbers (family members, emergency contacts, friends you can rely on, etc.) and put all those numbers into your daily backpacks and purses, as well as your JUDY.

Second Tip — Pick an out-of-state safety soulmate. This is someone who's not only organized and type-A, but also someone you can rely on to pick up the phone when you call or send a text message. When your local phone lines go down, this is who you can use to be your eyes and ears on the outside and check-in with for updates.

Third Tip — Put together a family plan of action. For example, in the event of an emergency, who's responsible for what? Everyone has an assigned role.

Fourth Tip — Have a few emergency meeting places in the event of an emergency. When phone lines are down or networks are crowded, it's important to have a couple of common rendezvous points.



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