The Best Emergency Survival Kits Available

The Best Emergency Survival Kits Available

What Is An Emergency Survival Kit?

An emergency survival kit is a highly portable bag or box that contains essential items that you might need in a crisis. Your emergency survival kit or go bag should be light enough to carry with you in an evacuation scenario, allowing you to leave your home quickly with everything you need in one place. 

Emergency survival kits (also sometimes called bug out bags) are designed to hold several days' worth of emergency supplies and survival gear in several categories – food, drinking water, warmth, safety, tools, and first aid. The items that you’ll find in a great first aid kit are simple, practical, and portable, and many of them are useful in everyday situations. Some items in your emergency survival kit may never need to be used, but it’s still helpful for your peace of mind to have them ready in case a crisis ever comes your way.

When you keep an emergency survival kit in your home and take it with you when you travel, you can rest assured that you’ll be ready to respond to an emergency situation like a natural disaster, injury, or another form of emergency. That means you are better prepared to look out for the safety of those around you and for your own. Emergency survival kits can save lives, and it’s always worth it to keep yours with you whether you at home or abroad.

Why Prepare For Emergencies? 

Staying prepared for emergencies is essential for anyone – you never know when you might end up in a crisis. While it is easy to feel invincible and assume that the worst will happen to someone else, everyone is just as vulnerable to the impact of natural disasters, fires, injuries, and other emergencies as anyone else. No one is exempt from the risks of everyday life, and emergency preparedness starts with acknowledging that a crisis can arise at any moment.

A survival kit can help you prepare for a wide variety of emergencies. 

  • The supplies in your survival kit can help you and your family stay safe during and after a natural disaster. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more all can strike in various parts of the country. Your emergency survival kit from JUDY can provide reliable sources of warmth, food, water, first aid, and more. 

  • An emergency survival kit is also essential for hiking, camping, and other forms of outdoor adventuring. Accidents can happen, supplies can run short, and communication can get cut off, and the gear in JUDY’s survival kits can help keep you safe if you end up in an outdoor emergency.

  • JUDY survival kits can also help you respond to an emergency in your home. The included whistle can help you alert your family of an emergency, and the first aid kit contains supplies that can be used to treat everyday injuries like cuts, bruises, scrapes, and burns. Even if you don’t face a major crisis any time soon, the supplies in your survival kit can help you handle the smaller stuff – scraped knees, cracked windows, and more.

  • Survival kits from JUDY can also go with you when you travel to keep you safe in unfamiliar places. JUDY’s emergency preparedness kits are ideal for keeping in your car in case you ever end up stuck on the side of the road or are stuck in the middle of severe weather or a natural disaster.

There are plenty of times and places where an emergency survival kit can come in handy, and many circumstances where the supplies in your survival kit can even save a life!

How Emergency Preparedness Can Make A Difference

As you can imagine, not everyone keeps an emergency survival kit ready to turn to in a crisis. In fact, the majority of Americans don’t have a plan in place for an emergency at all. Even with the frequent occurrence of natural disasters throughout the country, the widespread impact of a pandemic, and many other factors that add risk to everyday life, emergency preparedness still isn’t the norm.

The fact that many Americans aren’t prepared for emergencies makes it even more important to be one of those who are! By equipping yourself and your family with the supplies you need to make it through a crisis, you’re actively changing the statistics on emergency preparedness. Making an effort to preserve the safety of your loved ones and yourself can have an impact on the world around you by inspiring others to do the same.

What’s In JUDY’s Emergency Kits?

Emergency preparedness kits from JUDY are stocked with items that are hand-picked to meet the five basic needs in a crisis – safety, food, warmth, tools, and first aid. The supplies that you’ll find in a JUDY survival bag are lightweight, portable, durable, and easy to use. 


Protecting yourself and your family in an unpredictable, unsafe situation gets much easier when you have the right supplies on hand. JUDY’s survival kits include several items that can help you stay safe in dangerous and dire circumstances:

  • A heavy-duty pair of work gloves to use when handling dangerous debris or lifting heavy objects
  • Whistles to signal for help or alert others that something is wrong
  • Hand sanitizer to kill germs when soap and water aren’t available
  • Wet wipes for cleaning up messes and dirty hands
  • Biohazard bags for disposing of dangerous materials

The safety-oriented items in JUDY’s emergency survival kits can help to keep you and your family safe in any circumstances!

Food And Water

Your emergency survival kit should be able to supply you with up to 72 hours of reliable, non-perishable emergency food and water, and you should have enough for yourself and your family members for several days. JUDY kits include non-perishable, easy-to-carry meal replacement bars and long-lasting emergency drinking water pouches. These food and water sources are designed to last for years without needing to be replaced, and they can be grabbed and used quickly in any situation if disaster strikes.

JUDY meal replacement bars are made to keep you full for as long as possible, allowing you to maintain energy and stay nourished when food is scarce. The high-quality bars taste great, too – a welcome comfort in any emergency when you're concerned about your food supply! The up to five-year shelf life certainly doesn't hurt, either. 


Staying warm and dry is a key aspect of responding to severe weather or a natural disaster. JUDY’s emergency kits contain portable, wearable items that can help to keep you and your family safe from the elements. If your home is damaged, or if you are forced to evacuate due to a natural disaster, staying warm and dry plays a crucial role in your safety. 

JUDY emergency survival kits include the following items designed to keep you warm and dry:

  • Heat-reflecting foil emergency blankets. These blankets are light enough to carry easily and can be draped over your body to keep heat from escaping. Much lighter and more compact than a full-sized blanket or a sleeping bag, emergency blankets are a perfect source of warmth in a crisis.

  • Hand warmers. These will keep your hands from getting cold for hours. They’re perfect for cold winter nights if a blizzard knocks out your power.

  • Ponchos. These lightweight raincoats can be pulled out and put on quickly if you are exposed to wind and rain. It’s much easier to stash a poncho in an emergency kit than a full-fledged raincoat, and your load will be lighter with a few ponchos instead of raincoats for your whole family! You can even convert these to a temporary emergency shelter in a real pinch. 


Sometimes, you need to make a quick repair in an emergency. Keeping portable, versatile tools on hand helps you stay prepared for if something breaks and your toolbox isn’t available. JUDY’s emergency kits contain duct tape for fixing leaks, broken windows, and more, as well as a multi-tool that contains pliers, a screwdriver, and more. 

You’ll also find multiple sources of light like light sticks in each kit, giving you plenty of options for if the power goes out. Some more deluxe kits include fire starters as well. Plus, you'll get a hand-crank radio, so you'll know what's going on, even if you're facing power outages and none of your chargers work. 

First Aid

Knowing how to treat injuries and keeping the first aid supplies that you need handy are crucial aspects of emergency preparedness. If someone gets hurt and you don’t have access to professional medical care, you’ll need to know how to take care of the injured person until you can get to a hospital. Spend some time learning about basic medical care from places like the Red Cross, like how you'd apply a tourniquet in an emergency and how to dress a wound. The medical preparedness supplies included in JUDY’s emergency kits can save a life in an emergency.

JUDY emergency survival kits contain carefully-stocked, pre-assembled first aid kits that contain everything you’ll need to treat minor injuries like cuts, bruises, scrapes, burns, and more. You should also be sure to include any necessary prescription medications that your family may need in your prepper kit.

Keep A JUDY Emergency Kit In Your Home And Stay Ready For Anything! 

With a JUDY emergency kit, you can stay prepared for natural disasters, bad weather, evacuation, and any other life-threatening crises that may face you and your family. With all the supplies you need for up to 72 hours of survival, a JUDY kit can be a game-changer in any emergency. You can choose between JUDY’s Safety, Starter, Mover Max, and Safe starter kits, all of which are designed to meet different needs. 


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