JUDY x Peanut: 60 Prep Q's with Soraya Sutherlin, MPA, CEM®

JUDY x Peanut: 60 Prep Q's with Soraya Sutherlin, MPA, CEM®

New to emergency prepping? You’re in the right place. 

Here are 60 basic questions you should ask yourself in order to start your emergency preparedness plan. 

(Psst! These are all tailored to the caregivers of the household. So if you tuned into our most recent Safety Series pod conversations with the Peanut App community, these may sound familiar!)

What does your family unit look like?

  1. Do you have infants?
  2. Are you pregnant?
  3. Have a young child? Young children?
  4. Adult children?
  5. Children with special needs?
  6. Children with life-sustaining medical needs?
  7. Other adults in your household?
  8. Elderly?
  9. Pets?

What does your family use on a daily basis? 

  1. What does my family eat on a daily basis?
  2. What electronics do we rely on?
  3. What appliances do we rely on?
  4. What hygiene or medical equipment do we use? 
  5. Do we have a set routine? Or does it change daily?
  6. Do we have other caregivers like babysitters or family who watch our loved ones?

What kind of survival supplies do I already have in my home?

  1. Extra water?
  2. Non-perishable food?
  3. Vitamins?
  4. First aid?
  5. Tools?
  6. Light sources?
  7. Backup power source?
  8. Extra chargers?
  9. Extra blankets? Jackets?
  10. Important documents?
  11. AM/FM radio?
  12. A go-bag?

Would I have what I need if I cut off from critical lifelines like:

  1. Power supply?
  2. Gas supply?
  3. Food supply?
  4. Water supply?
  5. Internet?

Would I have supplies (or a packing list) ready if I needed to leave my home?

  1. Emergency contacts written down?
  2. Printed photos of family members?
  3. Printers photos of pets?
  4. Keys?
  5. Wallet?
  6. Secure flash drive with family documents?
  7. Change of clothes?
  8. Comfortable shoes?
  9. Toothbrush?
  10. Battery chargers?
  11. Cash?
  12. Medication?
  13. Games or stuffed animals to keep kids and pets calm?
  14. Maps?

During an emergency, would I be able to get information to: 

  1. My partner / spouse?
  2. My children’s schools?
  3. My children?
  4. My fellow caregivers?
  5. My neighbors?
  6. My pet sitters?
  7. My local emergency services (police, fire, medical)?

During an emergency, would I be able to get verified alerts from:

  1. From my city?
  2. From my government?
  3. From local officials?
  4. From my utility companies?

Last but not least….

Would I be able to do any of this in the event that: 

  1. I lose my phone?
  2. My phone is physically damaged?
  3. I don’t have service?

These questions may feel silly. But your answers to them are important. 

They’ll tell you a lot about your routine, who you communicate with, your home, and your family’s needs. Most importantly, these answers will help you realize WHAT and HOW you need to sustain them in the event that you ever face a natural disaster.

If you have additional questions, send them our way!

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