Quick Question: How do you recommend keeping your dog calm during these situations?

Quick Question: How do you recommend keeping your dog calm during these situations?

It may seem obvious, but the best way to handle an emergency is, first and foremost, to stay calm. This is especially true if you’re experiencing an emergency with your pet. 

Your body language can be a key tool for keeping your dog calm, similar to how you might act strong around children in an emergency situation. While it can be very difficult given the circumstances, it’s important to try and remain centered and speak in a calm tone so your dog will pick up on that energy. It is crucial to grab your dog’s leash and attach it to their collar (always keep their walking equipment in a place you remember!) so that you have control over them and where they can go. If you need to get them out from a hiding place to reach their collar, put high value treats near their nose and lure them out in order to get full control. Be sure not to give them the treat until they are fully accessible to you. Remember that while you may want to be patient, an emergency is an emergency and if you need to pull them out to leash them you shouldn’t feel badly if it’s for their ultimate safety.

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