Quick Question: What documentation for my pet should I keep in my go-bag?

Quick Question: What documentation for my pet should I keep in my go-bag?

Like we’ve talked about before, having copies of important documents like medical records or the deed to your house in your go-bag is vital.The same goes for your pet’s important documents. When preparing for emergencies there are certain documents and information regarding your pup that are helpful for you to collect in advance to be equipped for any situation that may arise.

First of all, you should check that your pet’s microchip is registered to you. Often, the microchip is registered to the person who implants it rather (most likely your vet or maybe the shelter you adopted your pet from) than the pet parent. If you don’t know the company who made your pet’s microchip, ask your vet or shelter where you adopted them from to do a quick scan to obtain the manufacturer’s information. From there, you can contact the microchip company for instructions on how to change any necessary information through the provider (pet parent contact information or medical information, like allergies).

It’s also helpful to proactively have your pet’s medical records on hand particularly if your pet has a lengthy medical history. To prepare for an emergency, you can get your pet’s medical records from your vet or, if they cannot access them, from your insurance company. This can be a great solution if your vet does not have power and your insurance company is located in a different state and may not be affected by the disaster you are. Finally, it’s good practice to keep your copies of your dog’s adoption records proving you’re their owner as well as physical photos of them, in case they run off and you need to track them down. 

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