Quick Question: What should I do if my pet gets injured during an emergency?

Quick Question: What should I do if my pet gets injured during an emergency?

An injured animal is every pet parent's worst nightmare. Add in a natural disaster and it might seem too overwhelming to handle. Luckily, we’ve teamed up with the pet experts at Spot & Tango, and together bringing you the best resources in pet preparedness  

If your pet gets injured in an emergency, there are 3 things to remember.

  • 1. Your solution or bandage is temporary. Your injured pet must get to the vet ASAP
    • 2. Keep the wound clean. We recommend having an extra supply of distilled water to do this, however under no circumstances should you use rubbing alcohol to clean your pet’s wound.  
    • 3. Keep your pet away from the wound until you can get to a vet. We recommend adding a foldable plastic cone to your emergency kit for this purpose 

    Some behavioral signs you can look out for to signal that you might need to seek help or medical attention include: acute changes in your dog’s bathroom habits or eating and drinking, lethargy, panting (rapid breathing when rested), coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, red eyes, vomiting, respiratory issues, pale gums, open fractures, seizures, collapsing, bloody diarrhea, limping, and aggression. DON’T WAIT! If you think something is wrong, it’s better to immediately act and go to the vet than wait on the phone with poison control or telehealth.

    Tip: Next time you're at the vet, ask your pet's doctor what they recommend for possible injuries, allergic reactions, etc. They can help you decide which medicines may be good to keep in your emergency kit

    More pet tips during National Pet Preparedness Month can be found in our Judy x Spot & Tango library HERE.


    Have more questions about what to do if your pet is injured in an emergency? No problem! Feel free to contact us directly, we’ve got you covered. 

    If you have additional questions, send them our way!

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