JUDY x Guzzle H20: What types of emergencies could cause my water source to be contaminated?

JUDY x Guzzle H20: What types of emergencies could cause my water source to be contaminated?

Different emergencies come with different challenges, but almost always, access to clean water will be a hurdle to overcome during a disaster. Because of this, access to clean water should be at the forefront of your emergency preparedness plan. 

When thinking about your plan, there are three potential situations in any emergency that could cause you to need a supply of clean water: 

  • Boil Water Advisory
  • Water Service Disruption
  • Stranded, displaced or Bugging out

Here’s some helpful information about each. 


One of the most common drinking water related emergencies is a “boil water advisory”,which is where your municipal water supplier notifies its customers that the water treatment processes have been compromised, and that any water consumed from the water main supply should be boiled to make sure there are no microbiological hazards which will make consumers sick. Portable water treatment devices can be utilized to treat this water in the home and recover it for drinking water.It is important that your treatment method inactivates at least 99.99% of bacteria, protozoa, and viruses.


If water service is disrupted, or turned off, it may become necessary to look for alternative sources of water. Many freshwater sources will suffice, such as rain water, natural water features, and stored water sources as described above. It is important in this case to treat the water, especially if accessing natural water sources which will have bacteria and protozoa present.


In a situation where a person needs to leave their residence, consistently finding reliable sources of drinking water can be challenging, especially if many people have been displaced and are looking for water. Drinking water is heavy and bulky to carry if you are traveling. By having a water purifier available, a person opens up many opportunities for turning questionable water sources they may encounter into potable drinking water.

If any, or all three of these water emergencies occur during a disaster, you’re going to want to make sure that you have both a stockpile of fresh water and a system in place to purify potentially contaminated water. 

All of our kits at JUDY contain enough water to support you for up to 72 hours, but as any good prepper will tell you, disasters don’t have a time limit. This is why we’re partnering with our friends at Guzzle H2O to make sure you have even MORE ways to ensure access to clean water, anywhere. Learn more about it HERE.

Have more questions about different types of clean water emergencies? Feel free to reach out to us directly. We’ve got you covered. 

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