Survival Gear for The Great Outdoors: 5 Things You Can't Go Without

Survival Gear for The Great Outdoors: 5 Things You Can't Go Without

Venturing out into the wild is an exhilarating and rewarding experience. Being outside is great for your body, mind, and heart, and challenging yourself by braving the elements on a hike, a camping trip, or another type of wilderness expedition is sure to be an experience you won’t regret. However, when you are preparing yourself to go out into the wild, there are a few tools and resources to keep in mind that you cannot go without.

Preparing For An Outdoor Adventure? Don’t Head Out Without These Five Items

In this article, we will be counting down five of the most important pieces of survival gear to bring with you on your outdoor expeditions. These tools and resources might not be the first to come to mind when you are thinking about survival gear, but all of them are extremely useful and could even save a life. 

When you are aiming to protect yourself and those adventuring with you as well as possible, make sure to keep these five items in your pack for every outdoor journey you take.

1. Flashlight

Unless you happen to own a pair of night-vision goggles, you are definitely going to need a reliable source of light for after the sun goes down in the wilderness. It’s tough to beat the trusty flashlight, a tool that has served adventurers in the woods, mechanics under the hoods of cars, and frustrated homeowners in power outages for decades. 

When you are venturing out into the wild, no matter how long you plan on making your stay, you never know when a source of light will come in handy. If ever you end up stuck in an emergency situation that leaves you in the wild longer than planned, it is crucial to have the resources you need to survive and stay safe until you can get to safety. It’s always a good idea to pack a flashlight for your hiking trips, camping trips, and any other outdoor adventures you may be taking, overnight or not.

2. Non-Perishable Emergency Food

On top of whatever snacks and simple meals you’ve packed for your wilderness adventures, it is always wise to have an emergency food source to fall back on in case something goes wrong. Even if you are only planning to take a day-long hike and then come back to civilization, emergency food can save your life if you end up stuck out in the elements for longer than you had intended.

JUDY’s emergency preparedness kits come stocked with non-perishable, nutrient-dense energy bars, the perfect source of nourishment in a crisis in the wild. These bars are designed to replace a meal, packed with macronutrients and high in calories to keep you full for as long as possible. In addition, they can go years without expiring, so you won’t have to worry about opening one in a crisis and discovering to your dismay that it has become inedible.

When you go hiking or camping, make sure to back plenty of non-perishable, nutrient-dense food in addition to your supply of emergency backup bars. Think of the meal replacement bars in JUDY’s emergency preparedness kits as your last resort for situations where your primary food supply has run out. 

Some great snacks to pack for your outdoor adventures are trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, protein bars, jerky, and anything else that does not need refrigeration. Opt for snacks that will keep you full for as long as possible and supply your body with high-quality nutrition. In addition, lightweight snacks are the way to go to save you from being over-encumbered. 

3. Work Gloves

A durable pair of gloves is one of those pieces of survival gear that is easy to overlook or forget when packing your bag for a wilderness expedition. However, there are numerous circumstances that you are likely to run into in the wild when you will be extremely grateful to have heavy-duty protection for your hands.

Work gloves come in handy in the wilderness any time when you need to keep your hands safe from briars, brambles, rusty metal, poison ivy, or any other obstacle that might stand in your path and threaten to harm you. You will be amazed by how often hand protection can come in handy when you are out braving the elements, even just for the sake of keeping your hands warm on cold nights.

The work gloves in JUDY’s emergency kits are heavy-duty and durable enough to withstand wear and tear from use out in the wild. Plus, they’re lightweight and easy to store in your pack without taking up too much precious space or weighing you down.

4. Multi-Tool

Another essential item that is easy to take for granted is the incredibly versatile multi-tool. As you know already, loading up your backpack with full-sized tools from your home toolkit is probably not the wisest move when you are about to spend prolonged time out in the wilderness. All that weight on your back can easily wear you out and leave you frustrated and discouraged. Instead of weighing yourself down with the contents of your toolbox on your back, bring a multi-tool with you into the wild instead.

A multi-tool is a compact, collapsible device similar to the classic Swiss army knife. Packed with miniature tools that have an abundance of uses out in the wild, the multi-tool is one piece of gear you never want to leave home without. JUDY’s multi-tool includes a mini knife, saw, screwdriver, pliers, and more, all tools you will never regret having with you in the wilderness.

5. Duct Tape

If you end up with a rip in your tent (or pants), you need a quick and reliable way of patching it up to keep wind, rain and cold from ruining your wilderness adventure. This is where duct tape comes in to save the day. Long taken for granted, the humble roll of duct tape can be a true lifesaver when you end up in a pinch out in the wild. Its ability to patch up a rip or leak quickly makes it a must-have item to pack in your wilderness survival gear.

If you end up with a tear in your tent, hammock, backpack, or an article of clothing, a hefty piece of duct tape can easily be used to patch it up until you get back to civilization. This will keep a pesky rip from ruining your time out in the wild. With duct tape at your side, you’ll be able to brave the elements without worrying about rain, wind, or cold holding you back.


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